Make Wars History | A Taxpayer’s Guide to Terrorism Law
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A Taxpayer’s Guide to Terrorism Law

Terrorism Law

A Taxpayer’s Guide to Terrorism Law

Historic legal ruling

An extraordinary event occurred recently which could end Britain’s involvement in war. In a remarkable legal judgement 1 on the definition of terrorism, the UK Supreme Court ruled that the military activities of the British Government are terrorism:

“the legislation does not exempt, nor make an exception, nor create a defense for, nor exculpate what some would describe as terrorism in a just cause. Such a concept is foreign to the 2000 Act. Terrorism is terrorism, whatever the motives of the perpetrators.

Terrorist action outside the United Kingdom which involves the use of firearms or explosives, resulting in danger to life or creating a serious risk to the health or safety to the public in that country, or involving (not producing) serious personal violence or damage to property, or designed seriously to interfere with an electronic system, ‘is terrorism’…
the definition would seem to cover any violence or damage to property if it is carried out with a view to influencing a government or IGO in order to advance a very wide range of causes.

Thus it would appear to extend to military or quasi-military activity aimed at bringing down a foreign government, even where that activity is approved … by the UK Government.”

Britain’s military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan are unequivocally illegal

This definitive Supreme Court decision means that the wars waged by the British Government in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya since 2001, each of which was aimed at bringing down a foreign government, and each of which involved the use of high-explosive weapons causing the deaths of thousands of men women and children, are terrorism and as such are unequivocally illegal.

It follows therefore that Parliament’s recent decision to order the RAF to bomb targets in Iraq is also unequivocally illegal and must be withdrawn immediately. As the law applies equally to every UK resident, regardless of their role or position in public life, the Supreme Court ruling means that anyone who aids or abets the bombing and the wars in any way commits acts of terrorism and is criminally liable for the consequences, the deaths of innocent men women and children.

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