Make Wars History | The 5 main differences between a military and civilian career
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The 5 main differences between a military and civilian career

The 5 main differences between a military and civilian career

The military life compared to a civilian life is vastly different. Yet somewhere along the lines, they are similar. The military is a principled society that believes in discipline and order while a civilian leads a life of his own. If you’re puzzled about which career path to choose based on your nature and in the long run then the following category of differences between a military and civilian lifestyle, their job demands, career prospects, job flexibility and employment will help you make an ideal decision.

Military vs. Civilian job demands

  • For a soldier, his country comes first. The military employs certain select citizens of the country as soldiers for the sole purpose of serving the nation. A soldier’s job involves risking their lives for fighting wars and epidemics to protect the larger public of the nation. They must be in good shape, both physically and mentally to get into the military.
  • A civilian’s job is completely opposite to a soldier’s. He is anyone other than a man in the military or the armed forces whose job does not involve him to risk his life for the sake of the country. He is responsible for contributing to the monetary sector of the country thus developing the nation.

Military vs. Civilian lifestyle

    • A soldier’s life is contrastingly different from a civilian’s. He lives every minute facing a battle outside or within himself. Such a way of living requires great amount of courage and belief in oneself.
    • A civilian follows a routine lifestyle. He works every 5-6 days a week, chills out on the weekends, takes care of his family, indulges in luxuries once in a while and repeats the cycle.

Military vs. Civilian Career prospects

  • In a military regime, soldiers earn minimalistic salaries based on their rank. Other expenses like food, stay, education and medical for him and his family are all taken care of by the military itself. He receives a good share of pension.
  • A civilian can earn as much as he works. He may get pension if his company maintains that prospect otherwise not. He has the greatest advantage of being able to live and see his loved ones every other day.

Military vs. Civilian Job flexibility

  • A soldier is demanded to do any work that is asked of him. He cannot change shifts according to his comfort and can’t control his placement transfers therefore leading a life solely monitored by his officials.
  • But in the case of a Civilian’s job, he gets unrestricted amount of mobility without concerning anyone. He can change jobs and move to different places without being answerable to any government body.

Military vs. Civilian employment

  • Harder to get placed in military as it follows a vertical hierarchical structure with numerous tests and exams to pass.
  • Easy to gets jobs for a civilian as it does not involve so much training or tests to get into a company or industry.
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