Make Wars History | What You Should Know Before You Join the Military
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What You Should Know Before You Join the Military

What You Should Know Before You Join the Military

Joining the military is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make in their lives. The military is a way of life for some people, especially soldiers and their families. The strong desire to serve the nation and putting the country first before oneself is the sacred mantra of any country’s military regiment. Different countries worldwide have their distinctive set of rules and basic order that every soldier of rank must follow. If you come from a military background then getting into will be easier but that being said before you finalize, you must be aware of its ups and downs.

Your life is not your own

Once you choose the military life, you simply follow orders of military officials without any questions. It could be things you’ve never done before or that go against your basic morale but once asked, you must strictly follow it.

You’ll go many days in extreme conditions

There might be situations where you might be stuck in extreme of conditions like intense, deep freezing cold or the scorching heat or plain starvation or even going days without a drop of water. All this comes with leading a life as a soldier.

You will never be off duty

For a soldier, no day is a holiday. He is always on duty. He would be given a yearly leave of 15-30 days but if during time of need, he will be called back or asked to do intelligence work during his off days.

Limited time with loved ones

Once you’re recruited into the military rankings, the amount of time you spend with your loved ones will get severely restricted. You will rarely be able to know how your parents or kids are doing let alone your partner. It will get hard for you and your family trying to live this way of life but with time everyone will get accustomed to it.

You may experience physical or mental trauma

This does not happen often but recent news and media coverage have thrown light on the traumatized living atmosphere of military lodgings. New recruits may be asked to do things by fellow soldiers of higher ranks to test their withstanding capacity. Even though this is illegal, it does happen.

You could die

The chances of a soldier facing death in his lifetime of serving the nation is very high as every day he risks his life and fights for the nation. Therefore any person before opting for the military line must be ready to die for the sake of his country.

Bonuses and extra benefits

Once you become a soldier of rank, your entire livelihood is dependent on the military. They provide you with nourished food regularly along with accommodations. You will receive a decent sum as your salary every month based o your ranking. Your family will also be given benefits like free education, healthcare, accommodation. Pension is always offered to any soldier after he retires from service.



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